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A Cherry On Top

Updated: 6 days ago

Modern Kitchen with a wedge shaped island, navy blue and white

By Sammy Gallo

In the world of home remodeling, some projects stand out as true gems. AJ and Kate’s journey with Red Chair Designs is one such story — a tale of a complete kitchen makeover that turned a house into a dream home. From the very beginning to the end, their collaboration with Red Chair Designs felt like the ultimate relationship in home renovation.


Modern dining area with cherry accent and blue

Initially, AJ and Kate anticipated a more hands-on approach to their home makeover, which they would describe as modern and contemporary. But their busy lives quickly made it clear that they needed expert guidance. Enter Red Chair Designs, a team that would play a pivotal role in shaping their dream kitchen. Kate said, “They were able to present options and information at each step of the way to make decisions easy.”


The transformation they envisioned was nothing short of spectacular—a complete overhaul from cabinetry to appliances, lighting to plumbing. To achieve a truly personalized touch, Kate and AJ embarked on a unique journey, engaging in a series of “design psychology exercises” to delve deep into how they wanted their kitchen to feel. These exercises were instrumental in guiding Red Chair Designs to select finishes and layouts that perfectly encapsulated their vision.


One of the key changes made was opening up the kitchen to create a more inviting space for entertaining. The choice of Arizona tile in Alamo White for the countertops and islands infused the room with a sense of cool elegance, providing an uplifting and compassionate ambiance. Complementing this, the unfinished oak hardwood floor perfectly harmonized with the striking polo blue cabinetry that adorned the kitchen. Kate expressed

“Every day when I see the kitchen from the top of the stairs, I can’t believe it’s mine.”

The meticulously arranged wide plank wood flooring, skillfully executed by Red Chair Designs, stands as a testament to the truly bespoke nature of this kitchen enhancement.

For AJ, who has a passion for cooking, selecting top-of-the-line appliances was a no-brainer.

48" Thermador range in white an blue kitchen
Thermador took center stage with their 48-inch range, featuring the remarkable Six Star™ Burners. These burners ensured uniform cooking, promising consistently delicious results.
Navy blue and white modern kitchen.

The 12-inch Close Non-Stick Griddle added another layer of convenience, making cooking and cleanup a breeze. Three telescopic racks in the professional range glided smoothly on ball bearings, ensuring easy access for even the heaviest of dishes. Maximizing space efficiency was a paramount consideration for Kate and AJ. Their decision to incorporate a bar sink and double trash cans into the kitchen design not only reduced the distance between frequently used stations but also created a more conducive environment for collaborative culinary endeavors.


And what’s a kitchen without a top-notch refrigerator and freezer? Kate and AJ opted for the 48-inch, built-in column fridge and freezer from Thermador. The Thermafresh® System, with its advanced cooling technology, ensured precise humidity control and temperature management, keeping their food fresh and flavors intact.

“The side by-side fridge and freezer perfectly fit our space, as we had prioritized the wider range. We love the small oven for cooking only one item or for cooking multiple things at different temperatures,” says Kate.

To keep up with the demands of daily life, they chose the Emerald Stainless Steel dishwasher from Thermador. Its quiet operation, with a decibel level of only 48, ensured peace and tranquility in the kitchen. And for that touch of modernity, a discreet blue light illuminated the floor, letting everyone know when the dishwasher was in use. In addition to the high-performance dishwasher, a few extras that stand out are the touch-operated faucet, pot filler, a hot water dispenser, and a galley sink with accessories for serving. Undertaking a remodeling project during the challenges of the pandemic, including supply chain disruptions, posed its fair share of obstacles. A notable incident occurred when a measuring mishap transpired between the cabinets, island, and appliances, resulting in an unexpected extra six inches of space.

Modern kitchen with wedge island navy blue and white with wood accents

Tile fireplace with a blue chair

The team from Red Chair Designs transformed this unexpected opportunity into a practical solution, crafting a narrow cutting board storage area that has since become an indispensable and cherished part of their daily kitchen routine. AJ and Kate’s kitchen transformation with Red Chair Designs was more than just a renovation — it was a journey of dreams coming to life. With their newfound space and top-of-the-line appliances, their kitchen became a stage for culinary delights and unforgettable moments, all wrapped in the warm and inviting embrace of Red Chair Designs.

Like a sweet ending to a dish, their dream kitchen truly is a cherry on top.

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