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Brightening Up Your Day

Updated: Jan 15

By Andrew Ferguson

A short drive north of Denver rests the quaint, family town of Erie. The homeowners, who asked not to be named, settled in this suburban neighborhood to raise their four children. Their home was built in the mid 90’s, but as their family grew they realized it was time to open and brighten up their kitchen. Their goal was a comfortable space to raise their children with resale value for the future.

Their number one piece of advice is, “Work with a contractor who has design abilities and/or work with a designer. Be mindful of your constraints and factor them in very early.”

The couple decided to partner with Joey Paull Yoder, the principal designer for Paull Interiors in Denver. Joey has been in the design industry for over 15 years, and her travels around the world (26 countries and counting) have given her unique ideas to share with her clients. Joey helped them create a modern farmhouse design that was perfect for day-today life.

“The space needed brightening and to feel more like the fun, youthful couple who are raising their family in the space. More counter space, tons of storage, and organization solutions were key.”

The husband and wife duo started by adding more lighting, creating a recessed door at the coffee area to corral morning messes, and hide away appliances that were not in use. They also added two large pull-out pantries that flank the refrigerator, doubling the pantry space and making organization a snap. Delta Design was the contractor that brought the couple’s design goals to life, and Tharp Custom Cabinetry provided the upscale, autumn smoke-colored cabinets.

When it came time to choose their appliance package from Appliance Factory Fine Lines in Boulder, the owners went with JennAir due to the balance of performance and sleek design aesthetics. Having a large household, the couple went with a 42-inch wide, French-door refrigerator with a bottom freezer. The family keeps plenty of snacks on hand, so ample storage was key. The beautiful obsidian interior separates JennAir from other brands. This model also runs on a TwinFresh climate control system to preserve fresh and frozen foods longer.

The centerpiece of this kitchen is a 36-inch gas range with six burners. This range comes equipped with the JennAir Culinary Center so the family can easily try new recipes while ensuring perfect results. The halo-effect knobs are a subtle touch and beautifully match the lighting scheme. The couple completed the kitchen with a 24-inch, 240-volt, speed oven that can cook a full dinner in minutes, while still having restaurant-quality dishes.

Above the range sits one of the family’s favorite parts of their new space, a custom 36-inch hood that one of the owners built himself. “It stands out and completes our kitchen,” he said.

With four children, noise level was a major consideration, so the owners chose one of the quietest dishwashers on the market. This JennAir dishwasher runs at 39 decibels, which is considered whisper-quiet. With the TriFecta wash system, you don’t have to choose between quiet and performance.

We look forward to enjoying the openness and brightness while experiencing the natural flow of the kitchen with the family.”

These happy homeowners are currently looking forward to hosting their first event with friends and family to show off their new bright and open space.

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