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Kitchen Design

You’ve heard of pops of color in the kitchen, but how about pops of wood? That was the request Kelsey and Zach Wilbern gave their designer for this homeowner driven remodel in Arvada.

“They knew what they wanted. They were easy to work with, and it was a very enjoyable process,” says Jared Caruso of Caruso Kitchen Designs.

The Wilbern’s list of must-haves was met in every corner of their dream kitchen, from the massive island and hidden appliance garage to the adorable dining room hutch that adds storage and warmth with an additional pop of white oak.

The Wilberns wanted a bright, modern farmhouse, so the dark granite and knotty alder cabinets that previously occupied the space had to go.

“I love how the white cabinets brighten our house. The clean and simple lines will never go out of style. And the touch of white oak and shiplap add character and texture.” says Kelsey.

It is common to see tile used as a backsplash. In this kitchen, the backsplash is made from the same thick-veined white quartz slab as the countertops. The full-height countertop backsplash in a Laza pattern from 5280 Stone accentuates a beautiful 36-inch Thermador Pro Harmony® gas range.

This stunning range also “stars” six of Thermador’s exclusive Star® Burners. The patented five-point design provides equal flame distribution for even cooking.

The range is Truly Flush Mounted™, meaning it’s designed to fit perfectly flush in cabinets with a standard 24-inc

h depth. This stunning range also “stars” six of Thermador’s exclusive Star® Burners. The patented five-point design provides equal flame distribution for even cooking.

Right across from the range sits the 9’x9’ island with dual Thermador dishwashers. Dual dishwashers are a great amenity when you have multiple kids. Zach explains, “We have three kids, and for some reason, they enjoy drinking out of five cups every day.” — an experience any parent can relate to!

Another benefit of two dishwashers is countertops free of dishes and an empty sink, especially when you are busy, or frequently entertain guests.

“Life is hectic, and with three active kiddos always on the go, it’s so nice to be able to continue to load one dishwasher instead of dishes piling up in the sink while the other dishwasher is full and running,” says Kelsey.

How many times are we making that late dinner, and we want to clean as we go, but the dishwasher is full, and we don’t have it in us to put those dishes away? If you love to host, you can load up both of them and have less mess to clean up the next day. Thinking about installing a second dishwasher yet?

The Wilberns didn’t stop there. Walking into Fine Lines, Zach had a different set of appliances in mind that included a 30-inch fridge and freezer.

When Zach opened the 36-inch refrigerator from Thermador, he could not resist! He went back and forth, opening the 30-inch and the 36-inch.

He started snapping pictures to send to Kelsey and calling her, telling her she just had to see them.

The refrigerator features a breathtaking Built-in Preservation Solution and ThermaFresh System, the ultimate solution for extending the freshness of meat and produce for longer periods. The delicate produce bins and shelving can be personalized for convenience and Open Door Assist offers one-touch opening. The Home Connect app allows temperature and humidity adjustments to be made from anywhere, even the grocery store, so that conditions are perfect by the time you get home.

A 36-inch freezer column makes an attractive, symmetrical complement to the fridge. The freezer features an automatic ice maker and Thermador’s signature Diamond Ice, ice cubes that are designed to melt slowly, making them perfect for cocktails. Proprietary Cool Air Flow technology for consistent cold air distribution.

The couple met with Jared from Caruso Kitchens and handed him a list of appliances to incorporate. They wanted to keep their new appliances’ exact placement in their kitchen.

Kelsey says, “The experience was incredible! He (Jared) listened to my ideas and made them happen.” It takes a village, and with help from Doreen Waters, a designer at Caruso Kitchens, and Brad Laird, a contractor at Clear Cut Installation, they made the Wilbern’s project a dream come true and the most viewed project on their website!

Kelsey was in complete awe that her vision turned out perfectly. From multiple Pinterest ideas to the home in Candelas in Arvada, this kitchen will be full of love and heavily utilized.

When asked what she was most looking forward to in the new kitchen, Kelsey said,

“Host. Host. Host!! We love entertaining!!

And, of course, all the cooking and baking memories with our kiddos.” So much joy awaits this wonderful family!

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