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Small Town Roots, Big Kitchen Dreams

Crystal and Josh Hector have built many modern, farmhouse, and rustic kitchens in the years they have owned and operated their company, Elite Builders. So they had plenty of inspiration to draw on for this modern farmhouse kitchen when it was time to build their own home in Castle Rock.

"Because this home backs to a ranch, it fits perfectly," Crystal explains.

The couple partnered with Julie at JRG Design to select a clean color palette that blends whites and grays with dark wood with light accents for natural warmth. The subway glass backsplash is subtly multi-colored instead of flat white so that it has personality and gives the impression of movement while complimenting the island.

Josh did much of the work on this project and installed the shaker-panel cabinets and range hood himself. He chose to widen the walkways around the island to a full 5 feet so there is plenty of room in the kitchen to socialize because the Hectors entertain frequently.

"We hosted 30 people this past Thanksgiving, and they all fit comfortably in the kitchen." Josh elaborates.

The Jennair refrigerator features a unique obsidian interior that is inspired by volcanic glass and makes the colors of fresh produce pop under the theater-style LED lighting.

Crystal says, "Everyone in the kitchen stops and says 'wow' when they look in the refrigerator."

Complimenting the refrigerator is a Jennair dishwasher that is so quiet that one of the Colorado's Best Kitchens photographers actually accidentally opened it during the middle of a wash cycle when we arrived because he didn't realize it was running! Don't worry, though. Jennair dishwashers project a discrete light on the

floor to indicate they are running so you can check the cycle status before you open them.

Crystal and Josh's advice to homeowners who are building their dream kitchen? "Hire a designer. There are so many options out there that it is easy to get lost without someone to help narrow down your style, wants, and needs."

This kitchen turned out to be a dream come true for the Hectors. They had a wonderful experience working with JRG design and are looking forward to enjoying the kitchen for years to come. Reflecting on the final outcome, Crystal expressed, "This was a big moment for a couple of kids from small towns. We're overwhelmed with joy at how everything turned out."

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