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Precious Harmony: Rustic Charm Meets Modern Luxury

Kitchen with white cabinets and JennAir Appliances

Remodeling a home is a significant undertaking, even in ideal conditions. Despite the potential for unexpected issues like material delays or contractor challenges, Chris and Lisa Pizzo eagerly embraced the task. They enthusiastically took on the project by personally designing their kitchen, aiming to create a truly distinctive final result.

The couple’s home sits at the edges of Golden and Arvada, where the metro area gives way to the dramatic rise of the foothills and North Table Mountain rises majestically not far off. Natural splendor seeps into the area, with pine trees speckling the surrounding properties.

That feeling of rugged grandeur was central to the kitchen’s design, which features stunning precious stone countertops that compliment the beauty of the natural lodge poles used in the adjoining portions of the home.

“We just wanted to keep the natural look of the house with the stone and wood but brighten it up,” says Lisa.

The design of the kitchen came together through extensive online research and trips through the tile store, says Lisa, with special consideration for the eye-catching custom copper oven hood from Vent-a-Hood that was a must to complete their unique vision. A baking station and built-in desk area were also essential to the new kitchen, creating a space that can bring the family together even when there’s work to be done.

Previously, Lisa said the kitchen was outdated, with a cooktop stuck in the central island, seriously hampering the utility of the feature. The new design moves the cooktop off of the island, leaving behind a sleek and modern sink smoothly recessed below the gorgeous precious stone mosaic of the countertop.

Adding to the modern look of the revamped kitchen are the JennAir appliances used throughout the remodel. Hidden behind the white paneling matched to the kitchen’s cupboards, the dual JennAir refrigerator and freezer opens to reveal an obsidian interior illuminated by ecliptic lighting, drawing a stark contrast to the brilliant white that dominates the kitchen space. Both feature remote access through Wi-Fi that can be integrated with digital assistants such as an Alexa device, as well as hushed acoustics that ensure the whir of a motor never disturbs the serenity of this unique space. A second built-in refrigerator/freezer combo with a stainless steel exterior and obsidian interior is nestled inside the spacious walk-in pantry.

The Pizzos love hosting parties, and that requires plenty of room to prepare food. It’s a task the JennAir Rise professional style range is more than up to. With six burners capable of putting out up to 20,000 BTUs of heat, the new kitchen is ready to handle a restaurant’s worth of production. The oven beneath features dual-fan convection and built-in temperature probe, allowing a home chef to precisely gauge the temperature of the food inside without having to open the oven door.

And to be sure that the new kitchen can handle extensive hosting duties, the Pizzos included an additional 30-inch single wall oven, also from JennAir. The smaller oven has similar features to its larger counterpart, including the built-in internal probe, ensuring that the turkey and the sides — or anything else one might want to serve at a large gathering — can pop out at the exact right moment.

A JennAir Noir microwave rounds out the kitchen’s cooking elements. The microwave utilizes a flat-front design that sits flush with the surrounding cabinets and an intuitive LCD display for operation.

To handle the cleanup, the kitchen features a JennAir dishwasher with a pocket handle design that allows it to also sit flush with the surrounding cabinetry. The dishwasher’s extra loading height is sure to come in handy, and the model is one of the quietest on the market.

It all comes together in an open and bright design that Lisa describes as “modern farmhouse.”

The best part of the remodel, says Lisa, has been having the room to gather around the island to bake and host the holidays. “It is a great space with great lighting.”

Still, creating this inviting gathering space wasn’t without its hiccups, and in particular Lisa says she had significant issues with her choice of contractor. She recommends that anyone looking to take the reins on their own home remodel project do their homework thoroughly.

“Make sure to get and call references, make sure contractors have insurance, are licensed and in good standing with the state,” she advises. “If they are using subcontractors, [make sure] you have a contract in place that they cannot lien your home, etc. Make sure that [you] get multiple estimates because someone always brings up something the person before didn’t think of.”

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