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Parker Perfection: Embracing Contemporary Design

Updated: Jul 2

By DJ Reetz , Photos by Tommy Rhyan - Rhyan Productions

Photos by Tommy Rhyan - Rhyan Productions, remodeled kitchen with KitchenAid Appliances

Sometimes the best course of action to create something that feels brand new is to reimagine what you already have. For Mike and Shannon Fronapfel, the desire to add a fresh feel to their home led them to a sleek, modern update that completely transformed their living space.

The Fronapfels had paid off the mortgage on their home in Parker, a picturesque exurb southeast of the Denver metro area, and were ready for something new. Rather than pulling up the roots they had established over all those years, selling the home, and buying something else, they decided a reimagining was in order. And with the help of designer Jenn Lowry of JL Interior Design, the Fronapfels created a stunning contemporary aesthetic for their home.

Jenn describes the new design as modern transitional, incorporating a sleek, clean color scheme and eye-catching accents. White quartz countertops accentuated with gray veining make up the surface area of the new kitchen, establishing the crisp, modern vibe. Cream colored cabinetry around the perimeter of the kitchen juxtaposes with the dark grey features incorporated into the kitchen’s island, and brushed steel mosaic backsplashes add an understated flair.

“The overall two-tone aesthetics is a beautiful color match to the mosaic stainless

backsplash,” says Jenn of the design choice. It’s a strikingly modern look that is sure to age gracefully.

Central to the remodel is the Dual Fuel Range from KitchenAid. Mike says a gas stove was a must for the new kitchen, and this model combines the raw power of a gas range with the consistency of an electric convection oven. The front burners put out up to 20,000 BTUs, ensuring a professional-quality experience on the cook top, while the built-in smart appliance features allow for the oven to be set and preheated remotely through the KitchenAid app or a connected smart device. Oven settings can even be saved for seamless future use.

The kitchen’s smudge-resistant black stainless-steel fridge, also from KitchenAid, fits the two-tone aesthetic perfectly, adding to the crisp overall look of the space. A wealth of independent storage areas inside the refrigerator help to keep a variety of different perishables at the perfect temperature and humidity while preventing cross contamination of odors and flavors. A programmable water dispenser allows for automatic dispensation of specific amounts in ounces, cups or liters — no more holding a water bottle while waiting for it to fill.

Rounding out the set of KitchenAid appliances is a three-rack dishwasher in matching smudge-resistant black stainless steel. The dishwasher features a microfiltration system and sensors that continually monitor soil levels during wash cycles, adjusting wash time and water temperature to ensure dishes always come out sparkling clean, no matter how dirty they are going in. The dishwasher features a deep, angled third rack that can accommodate most standard sized drinking glasses or bowls, and a drying bar to wick away moisture for a spotless finish.

The kitchen island, covered in the stunning yet demure veined quartz, contains a number of notable additions as well. The island features a roll-out trash can, discreet built-in drawer microwave and plenty of storage for pots and pans; all features Jenn says were lacking in the kitchen’s previous layout.

An additional bar and beverage area adds space for entertaining or a quick lunch, and Jenn says she was extra mindful in designing the feature so that it wouldn’t interfere with the foot traffic or overall flow of the kitchen.

For the floor, the Fronapfels decided on luxury vinyl plank flooring. This option provides the kitchen with the timeless look of hardwood without compromising

durability or ease of cleaning — and it won’t break the bank either.

All the elements of the kitchen come together to create a homey yet refined space, one that nails the vibe of modernism without feeling fleeting. Mike says the couple loves how it all turned out, and the redesign exceeded their expectations. When asked how they plan to utilize this new space, Mike answers enthusiastically: “More guests and house parties!”

And what’s the key to such a successful project? Both Mike and Jenn have similar answers.

“Find a good contractor that does quality work and is a good communicator,” says Mike.

“Good communication is key!” says Jenn. “I really enjoyed the entire process in working together with the client and general contractor.”

Those who hope to have a similar outcome to their own remodel, one defined by met or exceeded expectations rather than regret and displeasure, might want to take note: make sure you are communicating your desires and that those desires are being listened to and taken seriously.


JL Interior Design’s philosophy is providing service to clients on any budget! Whether your needs are strictly professional advice or you would like an interior project/remodel professionally managed. We offer design and staging services for any budget! We offer a wide range of interior services from consulting to project coordination. • 303-228-7081

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