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How to Plan Your Dream Kitchen: Tips from a Pro

Updated: 4 days ago

Remodeling a kitchen is one of the most exciting, yet daunting, tasks that a homeowner can single-handedly undertake. Endless options for materials and styles are overwhelming for anyone taking on a project like this, especially for the first time. Here’s some thoughts to consider in planning to build your dream kitchen the right way!

By Jennifer Lowry

Function first

Start by taking stock of how you use your kitchen. Decor is fun, but it’s like the icing on a cake. A kitchen needs to work for your lifestyle firstly, because it is usually the main hub for many functions and activities in the home. Consider your daily routine, as well as the types of events you are likely to host. If you use a lot of pots and pans, consider deep drawers for ease of access and organization. If you love to bake…how and where you would like to store your bakeware. Easy reach for everyday essentials vs seasonals may be stored in a completely separate space from the kitchen or possibly even a dedicated cabinet. If you frequently host social gatherings, a cooktop built into your island may be a consideration that allows you to cook while you entertain your guests. Make sure that your kitchen functions in a way that works for you and your family.

Take inventory

Clutter builds up over time. A remodel is the perfect time to take stock of everything hidden away in those currently hard to reach cabinets of your kitchen. Get rid of anything without a specific purpose and unneeded extras (how many spatulas do you really need?) and plan out storage for your must-have items. A consultation with an interior designer and/or a professional organizer will help guide you in the right direction and may provide you with creative storage solutions for any odd sized or heavy cookware and utensils.

Think about the future

Once you’ve assessed your current needs and figured out what elements of your current kitchen items you will be keeping, think about how your needs may change over the next five to ten years. Are you planning on expanding your family? Will you be reselling your home in the near future? Planning the right way now will extend the life of your kitchen and marketability for many years to come.

Find your style

Now for the part everyone has been waiting for. What style?!  Head to Pinterest, pick up some magazines and get inspired! Be aware of trends. There is nothing wrong with a trendy kitchen, but it will likely require updates in the near future. If you're not sure what's considered “trendy” be sure to ask an interior designer who can share with you what's trending now. They can assist you with selecting a nice mix of both timeless and trending options as well. Another key consideration is the style of the rest of the house, particularly open concept kitchens. An ultra modern kitchen may look out of place if the rest of the house is very traditional. Transitional kitchens and mixed styles are a great option if you are remodeling your home in phases as well.  

Get help

Professional designers do hundreds of these projects over the course of their careers. If you find yourself getting overwhelmed, set up a consultation with a professional. Design boards, samples and the proper guidance will help avoid many of the common issues that you don’t think about until it's too late.

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