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Home Sweet Denver: Turning a Fixer-Upper into a Family Jewel

Updated: 4 days ago

Kitchen with white cabinets and light wood flooring

Dani and Landon Mossburg made the move to Denver from Sweden two and a half years ago. The decision to put down roots on a completely new continent came after an extended visit with Dani’s sister and her family. The Mossburgs fell in love with the city and made the unanimous decision to move to Denver permanently — no short order for a family of five.

A bit of good fortune led Dani and Landon to a house in Denver’s Park Hill neighborhood; a picturesque section of town bordered on the west by City Park and on the east by the newer development of the Central Park neighborhood. It was exactly where they wanted to start this new chapter in their lives.

For the family, finding the house was a dream come true, the only issue was that it would need some work before that dream could fully come to fruition.

“We wanted our first ever home to be in this specific neighborhood, near our three kids’ school, so we bought a house that we thought needed a lot of work because it was in a great area,” says Dani.

Dani says she loves to cook and host guests — they had moved to Denver in part to be closer to family, after all — so redoing the outdated kitchen and dining area was a central component of the home’s more extensive remodel. Online research led Dani and Landon to Signature Designs Kitchen Bath, where designer Bonnie Bagley Catlin helped them bring to life a vision for their ideal living space.

“I always approach any remodeling project based on the function and flow of the space. We figure out the details of how the kitchen will function and then we put the aesthetics and beauty of the space together,” Bonnie explains.

Encouraged by Bonnie’s enthusiasm for the project, the team set about creating a kitchen with a modern look that would maintain a classical charm. Settling on a suite of Monogram appliances purchased from Appliance Factory’s Fine Lines. The 30-inch panel-ready premium integrated column refrigerator paired with the matching 30-inch panel-ready column freezer gave the kitchen a sleek yet subtle modernity, while the 48-inch all-gas professional range provided Dani with everything she would need to create bountiful meals for any gatherings. Rounding out the kitchen’s appliances, the 24-inch Statement fully integrated dishwasher would have more than enough power to easily tackle the cleanup, while running so quietly that it would not disturb any intimate after-dinner conversations.

“The clients choose the Monogram brand for their performance and ability to integrate them into a seamless design,” says Bonnie.

The kitchen also features Maplewood Dura Supreme Cabinetry with a dove paint

finish, contrasting nicely with the charcoal glazed cherry praline used on the kitchen’s island. Brass and gold hardware used throughout the kitchen match the light fixtures while adding to the undertones of clean, Victorian-inspired sophistication.

All this sits atop engineered Riva Max crystal hardwood flooring, coming together into a bright and welcoming space that deftly walks a line between crisp modernism and brassy classical style.

The Mossburgs finally saw their dream home reach completion last year, something Dani says she was incredibly excited for, following a number of delays and unforeseen setbacks that are unfortunately common with renovations. She advises that any other homeowners seeking to do something similar be as active as possible in the process, advocating firmly for their vision of the home while being involved enough to ensure every bit is properly installed and is exactly as desired.

“We recently were able to host Thanksgiving and Christmas with both our families and friends and it was so wonderful to finally be able to host everyone in our first-ever home. We cooked massive meals and felt so proud our new home was able to fit so many of our loved ones comfortably,” gushed Dani. “We love a home full of people, laughter and fun, so we plan to have family gatherings, parties and neighbors over all the time.”


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